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Buck Mountain

I have skied Buck mountain before but this time it was going to be different. We were going to climb the east ridge, a fairly exposed ridge with a 1,000 foot or more cliff on one side and about a 40-60 foot cliff on the other. This knife ridge is relatively easy climbing, but the

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Grand Teton Revisited

There is one I know for sure thing, I will always possess a strong urge to climb and ski the Grand Teton. This year I climbed and skied it twice and attempted a third time, but was shut down. During my first ascent, we summited successfully and skied perfect snow all the way down. The second

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Glacier Gulch Powder Day

It was spring and we were getting some frequent storms that were supplying us with some great late season powder. The group for this adventure was Eric Seymour, Griffin Post, Lars Chickering-Ares and myself. We planned to start at 4am to be sure we didn’t get our late season powder ruined by the sun. When we

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Middle Teton

After our successful ascent of the Grand Teton, I was drooling over the Middle Teton and feeling confident. When climbing the Grand Teton we had the best views of the Middle Teton I have ever seen. Basically a perfect view the whole way up. Naturally, Fred and I were fired up about climbing  up the

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Grand Teton

The Grand Teton is the highest peak in the Teton range. It towers above the lesser peaks and beckons the skier almost irresistibly. My first chance to climb and ski the Grand teton came in March of 2015. My ski partner Jess Mcmillan, our friend Fred Marmsater and I all came together one cold March

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